Radio Test: Sony ICF-SW35

I bought this small radio approx. 20 years ago and I've been using it quite a lot. It's compact and works pretty well. Test is happening at Helsinki in an urban environment. OPERATING THE RADIO: What I really dislike is the tuning in this radio. That's why it took me long before I bought another … Continue reading Radio Test: Sony ICF-SW35

Radio test: Grundig Satellit 500

I recently compared this radio to other two but it might be reasonable to also separate these radios into own blog reviews. These reviews are totally un-scientific and I won’t go into technical specs or such. This is just about listening. I give points from 0-5 to each of the six sections and then overall … Continue reading Radio test: Grundig Satellit 500

DX: Comparing three radios (Sony ICF-SW7600G, Tecsun PL-680 and Grundig Satellit 500)

CQ CQ CQ... I recently purchased a "new" radio from our local Finnish version of ebay (called This is very much praised Sony ICF-SW7600G. Internet told me that this was the second to last version Sony ever made (in Japan, of course) during 1994-2000. After this came 7600GR but many has stated that these … Continue reading DX: Comparing three radios (Sony ICF-SW7600G, Tecsun PL-680 and Grundig Satellit 500)

DX: Radio station spotting – December 2020

It's been a while since the last post. But last night I bumped into a free radio I couldn't recognize and I couldn't find any info on it. Station: UNID (wish I find out this later)Frequency: 6265 kHzDate: 5.12.2020Location: Helsinki, FinlandRadio: Grundig Satellit 500Antenna: home brew dipole on the balconySINPO: 25322Programme details: 23:36 UTC: 21 … Continue reading DX: Radio station spotting – December 2020

WHISKIES: Rating updates – February 2018

Some whisky ratings updated to my website. BALLANTINE's: Ballantine's Hard Fired = 83/100 Colour: Amber Nose: coffee, praline (21 pts) Taste: medium-bodied, smoky, toffee, winey, sugary (21 pts) Finish: medium long (20 pts) Balance: (21 pts) BENRIACH: Aged 17 Years - Solstice Port Finish 2nd edition = 85/100 Colour: Amber Nose: Citrus, cucumber, peaty, sea, … Continue reading WHISKIES: Rating updates – February 2018

BEER: Rating updates – December 2017

Some beer rating updates to my website. AMAGER La Santa Muerta (10%) Ink black with small head, full bodied, liquorice, coffee, blood, iron. Very nice and thick. n7 t8 p4 o21 = 42/50 ( / Ratebeer) ANARCHY BREWERY Sublime Chaos (7.0%) Black, small head, medium-bodied, liquorice, vanilla, coffee. Not much anarchy in this. n6 t6 … Continue reading BEER: Rating updates – December 2017